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Poster Image Selection

Selecting the right image plays an important part in how well your poster will turn out. Listed below are some tips that you can use to select your best photo for your poster.
Custom Kids Sports Poster
  • In general, photos purchased from a tournament as part of a photographer package will always produce high quality results, as they are high resolution and professionally taken. If you have purchased professional tournament photos, this would be an optimal choice to use for your poster.
  • If you are choosing from photos that you have taken yourself, keep in mind the below tips:
    • Select photos that are clear, the highest resolution, and not blurry.
    • The lighting should be bright. Be weary of shadows when you are taking the photo, especially outdoors where the sun is a factor.
    • If you are taking an action shot with your mobile phone, try “action mode”. This allows you to take a burst of photos in a sequence. This will give you a few options to work with.

There are a few types of photos that work for posters:

  • Action shot photos: If you select an action shot, make sure the photos are not blurry. Also, make sure the athlete's body and equipment are not obstructed by other players or other players' equipment.
  • Posed photos: Posed photos are also a great option and are a bit easier to obtain than action shots. You can use a posed photo taken from a photographer (if your team does photos, for instance) or you can elect to take the shot yourself. Posed photos can be waist-up to highlight the athlete's face as in the one above, or you can elect to use a full body photo. Keep in mind that a full body photo will feature less of the athlete's face, as they will be farther away in order to feature the whole body.
  • Main Foreground photos/Background photos: Some options feature multiple photos. Action shots and posed photos work well for the main foreground photo. Candid photos work well for the background photo.